Sci-Fi mother creation storyboard

(Robot Mother)
This is the story of my Mother Creation painting. You will see in my painting that in the background everything has died out after a catastrophic event witch has also polluted the world and caused the extinction of the human race mankind and the land becoming desert with time. You will also see the robot is looking after the woman embryo and making sure its protected and feed for when its scheduled set time comes for the robot to give birth to a baby or baby’s to regenerate the human race mankind, everything is taking place in a safe house made of thick steel protected from any catastrophic event. when the time comes the robot-robots will regenerate the human race and follow an assembly line of instructions to look after the baby or baby’s, it will become the Mother (Robot Mother) for the baby and when they reach the age of a child teenager the robot will also be a teacher, teaching what us humans have learnt in our time, our technology and events that have happened in the world before the extinction of our human race and so on, you can see the school flat screen aria in the safe house, also during this test process the robot will only pick and grow suitable baby’s or grown ups that comply with better knowledge suitable for the new human race to repopulate the world for a better world and will remove, eliminate any baby, teenager, adult from the safe house that does not comply with the pre-programmed system of a new generation. You can see the dumping bin on the left side of the painting where the baby was dumped to die that didn’t pass the test requirements. You will also see when the time comes for when its safe for the humans to be let out from the safe house to re- enter the world, the robot gives the human clothing and opens the doors with the golden key for human mankind to exit the safe house to repopulate the world and start over.

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